Editing Contest

The Central Mass 8 Video Editing Contest featured the most impressive batch of entrants yet. Below are the 6 entrants that the judges selected for finals and Popular Category Voting, which concluded 9/28/17. Congratulations to winners!

Judged Category
  1. Jaidon Lalor
  2. Thomas Shepard
  3. Jer Gryczka / Mountain House Media
Popular Category
  1. Jaidon Lalor
  2. Kevin Davison
  3. Daniel Friedman

Huge thanks to everyone who participated as entrants and on the media team; the videos can still all be watched below.


Finalist #1: Kevin Davison
Finalist #2: Mae Manning
Finalist #3: Jaidon Lalor
Finalist #4: Mountain House Media
Finalist #5: Daniel Friedman
Finalist #6: Thomas Shepard

Contest Details

Thank you in advance for participating! We can't wait to watch your submissions. Please see contest information below:

  • Download event media. There's a lot of footage, and we have pre-screened clips as thoroughly as we can, but you DON'T have to download everything! Preview the clips on Box, and download the ones you want.
  • All logos in this folder must be included in intro of video - download them and incorporate them however you think works best.
  • Flyer artwork is optional to include, but recommended.
  • Recommended final submission runtime is 3-5 min, but it can be shorter/longer.
  • Your edit must include at least some footage from the Box folder in order to qualify for Judged category; however you may also as little or as much of your own footage as you'd like (if you filmed during the event).
  • UPLOAD your video and submit the YT/FB/Vimeo/etc. link HERE by 9/10/17 (midnight). You must complete this survey so we don't miss your submission (and so we know where to ship prizes!)
  • POST THE LINK on the Central Mass Skate Festival wall. You must tag #CentralMass8 and all the Video Editing Contest co-sponsor pages in your post.

    Make sure that your soundtrack is not copyright-protected, since all finalists will be uploaded to the Central Mass Skate Festival Facebook Page! We had major issues with this last year and need to be able to share all finalists as re-uploads on the same platform.
  • Our judges will pick 5-10 finalists, whose full videos need to be sent ASAP after selection via Box (instructions will be provided).
  • IG Promo: Finalists will also be asked to send ~30 sec teaser/promo clip for their edit to be posted (w/ credit) at @centralmassskatefestival Instagram.
  • Finalist videos will be re-uploaded to the Central Mass Skate Festival page with a 1 week window to accumulate likes / shares. We will pay the same dollar amount to sponsor each post and help it gain traction.
  • The top 3 most-liked videos win "Popular category" prizes, as do 1st-3rd in the "Judge category" (Prizes laid out at bottom of this page)
  • Contestants are encouraged to promote their videos via any means necessary to win the big prizes! Please share this infographic with all your friends and anyone who has an interest in video editing, cash and gear!

Here's what you can win! We will ship domestic (USA) winners their prizes free of charge; international contestants may enter, but shipping cost will need to be paid for by the contestant.

    Popular Category:
  • 1st: $50 cash from #EmgeeEvents; Easy Board Co deck; SPY Polarized sunglasses; Emgee Events stainless pint cup; CMSF Decal; CM8 poster; MOB coarse grip; Paris Trucks; Invitation to join the Central Mass 8 Official Media Team
  • 2nd: SPY Non-Polarized Sunglasses; Paris Trucks swag pack; CMSF Decal & Hat; CM8 poster; MOB coarse grip
  • 3rd: Emgee Events stainless pint cup, CM8 poster, CMSF decal; MOB coarse grip

    Judged Category:
  • 1st: $150 cash from #EmgeeEvents; Emgee Events cup; CMSF hat + decal; CM8 shirt + poster; MOB coarse grip; Paris Trucks swag pack; Invitation to join the Central Mass 8 Official Media Team
  • 2nd: $50 cash; Emgee Events Cup; CMSF decal; CM8 shirt + poster; MOB coarse grip
  • 3rd: CM8 Shirt + Poster; CMSF Decal; MOB coarse grip

GOOD LUCK, and remember to always use the official event hashtags on Social Media!




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