1. Do I need to sign a waiver?

    YES! All riders, staff/volunteers and media are required to sign a waiver, which you can download HERE IF YOU ARE UNDER 18, it is REQUIRED that you either A) have your parent/legal guardian with you to sign on-site, or B) get a notarized parent/legal guardian signature ahead of time. If you don't do either of these, you WILL NOT be allowed to participate, and there will be no refunds! If possible, please print and bring your signed waiver with you to the event - this saves lots of time at check-in. (Spectators are not required to sign a waiver)

  2. When can I ride the mini ramp?

    The mini ramp will be available Friday from 1:00-7:00pm and all day Saturday. $10 registration and 2 waivers (one for the event, one for Waterville Valley ramp rentals) are required to ride the mini. The $10 fee includes (but does not require) entry into the jam and best trick contest on Friday. Riders may register in person with cash, or ahead of time on the registration page

  3. Where do I park?

    Parking all 3 days will be on Massachusetts Ave, in the Bromfield School and Pond Road lots - See map diagram below. If you're not sure where to park, an Event Staff member will direct you to the best location. Please pay attention to the "Event Parking" and "No Parking This Side Of Street" signage.

  4. What gear is required?

    Helmet and slide gloves are required at all times for the race and slide jam, and a helmet is required at all times in the mini ramp. These items must all pass tech inspection for each portion of the event in which they are competing. Riders with gear that does not pass tech inspection will not be allowed to compete; however new protective equipment will be available on-site for purchase.

  5. Are leathers and a full face required?

    NO - Neither are required. However riders’ boards and helmets must pass tech inspection in order to ride. Supplementary protection such as elbow, knee and wrist pads, spine protectors and leather race suits are strongly recommended.

  6. What is the top speed of the race course? Will I need to slide or footbrake?

    The fastest portions of the race course hit about 40mph; with drafting, low 40s are possible. The whole course can be gripped - no need for braking.

  7. What does my registration pay for?

    Central Mass has expanded significantly over the years. We now offer three days of exciting programming, but this comes at great cost. Your registration helps cover expenses such as insurance, haybales, police detail, permitting, shuttle buses, web hosting, ramp construction and storage, tools, food, event t-shirts, commissioned artists, sound equipment, media production costs, equipment rentals, vehicle rentals, road labor, fuel, printed promotional materials, and a whole lot more. We are happy to be able to offer all of this at a very fair registration fee.

  8. I want to volunteer - how do I offer my services?

    Please fill out our volunteer survey, where you may select the areas in which you may offer your services. Volunteers and staff make this event possible! If organizers need your services, they will follow up with the contact information you provide in the survey. All volunteers will receive free gear for their contributions.

  9. If I only register for Race day, can I skate in Slide Jam (or vice versa)? What about mini ramp?

    NO. You may only ride on a given day IF you are registered for that day's competition. We have wristbands to indicate which events you have registered for; only those wearing the proper wrist band may skate the hill. If you are found riding without the suitable wristband, you will be given one warning. On your second offense, you will be ejected and banned from next year's event. If you plan to set foot on any hill in Harvard during the duration of the event, you must have a properly filled waiver on file. Non-waivered individuals are forbidden from riding.

  10. How do I inquire about sponsor and/or media involvement?

    If you wish to sponsor the event, get a sponsor or affiliate involved, send PR inquiries, or coordinate media coverage, please contact organizer Mike Girard via the Contact Page

  11. If I am registered for the DH race but get eliminated.. what then?

    Eliminated racers can continue to ride the race hill, shuttle space permitting. We will have a non-competitive 'freeride' heat(s) after each round of racing, where eliminated skaters can take runs. After the advancing racers board the shuttle buses, previously eliminated skaters will be allowed to board. The mini ramp will also be set up all day on Saturday. Eliminated skaters, or skaters waiting for their race heats, are free to skate the mini IF they register for it ($10 for unlimited use).

  12. I want to skate the mini ramp and/or street course, but not compete. Do I still have to pay $15?

    Yes. You need to register and waiver in order to ride the mini or street course at any point, for any amount of time. $15 allows you to ride both the mini ramp and the street course at any point during the day Friday and Saturday, and includes entry to the comps on Friday if you choose to compete.

  13. Can I take runs down the race road from mid-hill?

    NO! It is of utmost importance that ANY skaters riding the race hill only do so from the starting line. The start is where we control traffic and rider flow. If you start mid-course, there's no way we can ensure that you are riding a car-free road.

  14. I've heard there's a lot of poison ivy at the slide jam hill. Why? How can I prepare?

    You're right - many parts of Harvard are infested with poison ivy. Unfortunately, we cannot spray or otherwise remove the plants. As such, we recommend the following preventative measures:

    1. Wear long socks, pants
    2. Know what to avoid! This is what poison ivy looks like.
    3. If you think you've come into contact with poison ivy, use Tecnu to remove the Urushiol oils (active chemical in poison ivy) within 30 minutes of exposure. Be sure to closely follow their application instructions.
    4. If a poison ivy rash does develop, several over-the-counter remedies treat the symptoms very well, especially Zanfel.

  15. Are there any campgrounds in the area? What about cheaper hotels? Can we camp on town property?

    The short but FIRM answer is no. There are a couple campgrounds in the region, but they are family campgrounds and have flatly rejected our group lodging requests. (They are also inconveniently located). Camping on town property is illegal and, if found, you will not only diminish the likelihood of future Central Mass events, but you will be liable for arrest. Springhill Suites is the best option for convenience, price and occupancy. They are located near the skate and after-party venues, and through our group booking, we've secured a roughly 20% discount. That makes this the cheapest option in the region. With centralized lodging, we are able to arrange a shuttle to and from the after-party to ensure safe transportation.

  16. Can I get a refund? I registered but can't attend due to schedule conflict, injuries, etc..

    No, there are no refunds (as stated on the registration website). However you are more than welcome to sell your spot(s) - just let the organizer know who will be taking them, so that the transfer can be made on the back end. Email ticket change details to mikegirard@loadedboards.com.

  17. Do I need to print and bring my ticket(s) with me?

    NO! As part of our ongoing sustainability effort, we are going fully digital. As such, there is no need to bring a printed ticket - just show your ticket to us on your phone at check-in via email or the Eventbrite app. We will be able to scan the digital version and check you in via Eventbrite. If you don't have a smartphone, just show your ID and we will find you in the rider's list.

  18. I want to watch the event, but will not be competing. Do I have to pay to be a spectator?

    No - The event is free for spectators and open to the public. Come enjoy yourself!